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Why to Study in UK

The UK continually rank among the best universally. In this manner, a concentrate in the UK for Indian understudies is universally esteemed and perceived. Understudies who concentrate on in the UK meet people from fluctuated ethnicities and trade their multicultural foundations. UK colleges are consistently checked to guarantee that they maintain the elevated requirements of picking up, instructing, and research set by the Public authority.

The Key Conceptual reasons are.

  • International education hub for more than 100 years
  • Easy Visa rules for international students
  • Diverse range of courses with a wide range of specialisations
  • Sandwich courses: 4-year courses with one-year industry placement
  • Free health insurance for students studying in the UK for six months and a lot more


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International students receive two main benefits:

NHS (National Health Service): All international students who study in UK for 6 months or more qualify for Health Care. There is a nominal charge for the same which a student pays at the time of Visa application.

National Union of Students: Many discounts are negotiated on behalf of their student members on things like books, stationery, food, clothes, travel and entertainment. All students are entitled to free NUS membership.

  • If your visa is refused and you have paid a deposit to your institution for tuition fees, then you will receive a refund of the deposit. This will happen when you send the institution a copy of your visa refusal letter from the High Commission. A few institutions deduct a small amount usually no more than £ 100 for administrative charges.

The quality education, international exposure and the boost received to one's career are the many benefits of studying in UK. Study in UK for Indian students can be sourced through family funds, bank loans, scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships etc. Students can also utilize bank loans, savings accounts and fixed deposits maintained for a period of 28 days. Most nationalized banks offer student loans at competitive rates for considerable time periods, which may enable a larger section of students to study abroad. However, they will ask for collateral security to be pledged. You can even consider the possibility of an international bank loan.

Some universities in UK require the students to pay part of their tuition fees in advance, in order to reserve a place. As UK education consultants, we recommend that all students should make a deposit payment as it facilitates getting a student visa.

The cost of education consists of tuition fee for the first twelve months and food and maintenance for the first nine months @ GBP 1015 -/ GBP 1265 per month (as the case may be) irrespective of the length of your program. If the program is less than 9 months, you can calculate proportionately.

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