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Why to Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand is the perfect combination of high-quality education life and employment possibilities for overseas students. Coupled with the lesser expenses and international recognition, New Zealand essentially offers “Best of Both Worlds” qualifications. New Zealand qualifications have a reputation for being both practical and modern.

The key factors are:

  • World’s most recognised education system
  • The perfect balance in theoretical and practical modules focused on industry-centric training
  • Qualifications widely recognized and respected internationally
  • Cost of education is cheaper as compared to US/ Europe
  • Fee payment only on visa approval
  • Cost-effective industry-endorsed programs for engineers
  • Hospitality programs with paid internships
  • Skill shortage across various sectors therefore high demand for fresh graduates
  • Temperate climate with pleasant seasonal changes conducive for study and recreation.


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New Student Admissions


Undergraduate applications are generally assessed quickly in 3-5 weeks’ time wherein Masters in New Zealand for international students’ applications could take 4-8 weeks for processing. Visa procedures for New Zealand are quick, where the New Zealand Information Service supports the decision of positive profile students in 15-20 working days.

Students are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours per week. Most students work in Restaurants, Farms, Malls, as Marketing Executives etc. Wages will range from NZ$ 9-12 approx.

Your spouse can apply for a work visa only if you are doing a postgraduate course in New Zealand or if you are studying a course towards qualifications in the Long term Skill Shortage List.

You are eligible to apply for a 12 month job search visa within 3 months of the date of completion of your course in New Zealand.

If you get a Job offer in your relevant area of study, then your visa status could be converted to Work Permit or Permanent Residency on your Eligibility based on the Skilled Migrant Category at that time.

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